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SMEG+ 5.41.b.r4 Speedcam/Pois

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1 SMEG+ 5.41.b.r4 Speedcam/Pois le Jeu 12 Jan - 11:11



i hope that i will find help in this forum.

I owned a peugeot 308 with smeg+ 5.41, its possible to install here pois or original alert zone from peugeot. but edited dont work. it says something like compatibility could not be verified.. or that the updatefile is damaged... with my old peugeot 208 there werent problems all files i took on the usb key working like a charm... i think cars since 06/2016 have a restriction... with firmware 5.41

can you please be so kindly to give me some tips to get work the german speedcams with my system...

Or maybe is there a possibility to downgrade system ..

many thanks in advance.

2 Re: SMEG+ 5.41.b.r4 Speedcam/Pois le Lun 23 Jan - 14:31


Merci pour la réponse Very Happy

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